Bio-Lux Orangel Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap - ready to use - 4 L (1.06 gal) - Safeblend BIOR - sanitizer for use against Coronavirus (COVID-19)


This premium antimicrobial lotion soap is effective in destroying harmful bacteria or germs while reducing the risk of cross contamination. This product is medicated to deeply cleanse the skin and protect it against certain bacteria. It removes impurities to provide antiseptic cleansing. BIO-LUX is specially formulated with high quality surfactants, premium fragrance and neutral pH, along with emollients and humectants, to leave skin feeling soft, supple, clean and smelling great. Excellent for use in hospitals, food factories, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, institutions, industrial plants, hotels, offices, health clubs, restrooms and anywhere antiseptic products are used.


  • Contains 0.1% Triclosan to kill harmful bacteria and germs
  • Pleasant and light orange scent
  • Suitable for use in food plants in Canada
  • Economy size of 4 L (1.06 gal)
  • Phosphate free
  • Biodegradable
  • Registered with Agriculture Canada

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