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What do we mean by hybrid central vacuum?

A hybrid central vacuum is actually a vacuum that can work with or without a bag. In our shop, a good number of such devices are available. All hybrid appliances have a tank at the bottom of the appliance. However, be careful! Not all appliances with a tank can work without a bag. A clue to make sure this is possible is to check if the device has a self-cleaning filter. This filter is characterized by a kind of sand or weight pocket present in the filter. The best thing in uncertainty is to contact us.

Are autoscrubbers and floor washers synonymous?

Yes. In fact, several names are given to these devices. The most common would probably be the name ''Zamboni floor''. Whether we are talking about an autoscrubber, a floor washer or a zamboni, it is the same device. The autoscrubber of its real name is in fact a combination of three or even four devices (the mop, a floor brush, a vacuum cleaner and a squeejee).

Can the length of a central vacuum's hose affect suction?

Yes. Ideally, the length of the hose should not exceed 40 feet. In fact, the longer the hose, the greater the loss of suction in the end. However, there is no contraindication to using a 50-foot hose. We just want to warn you that a loss of suction is possible. Besides, everything is relative to the power of your vacuum cleaner.

Is it possible to repair your vacuum cleaner yourself?

Yes. Of course, it all depends on the complexity of the vacuum cleaner to be repaired. But all in all, it's a fairly simple task for a central vacuum. While for a canister vacuum cleaner, this can be more complex and due to the lack of space. On our shop you will find a wide variety of parts for various brands and types of vacuum cleaners.