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Learn more about floor scrubbers and autoscrubbers

What is an autoscrubber, scrubber, floor washer?

All these names mean the same thing. In fact, it is a device allowing greater floor cleaning productivity.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a very wide variety of formats to meet different areas and specific needs.

Easy to use and maintain, these devices save water, chemicals, time and ultimately money.

Our team of experts is here to guide you towards the ideal device for you and your business.

A quote and demonstration are offered free of charge to our customers. This also makes it possible to provide training to users of the device.

Are you hesitant about the durability of a floor washer in the future?

Know that there is no secret , it's all a question of maintenance and use . It is essential that an autoscrubber is used at least the equivalent of one full charge per week. For what ? Firstly for the batteries and secondly to avoid blockages in the pipes.

Don't forget that our devices are all guaranteed for 2 years on parts and labor, with the exception of service calls. In addition, all our devices are equipped with maintenance-free batteries. So that means saying goodbye to adding distilled water to batteries. 

What is the best brand of autoscrubbers, scrubbers or floor scrubbers?

We are the type to tell our customers the truth. In fact, to determine if one brand is better than another, you have to look at the after-sales service and also the availability of parts. Whether in vacuum cleaners or in floor machines, it's the same principle. Whether the device is made in China, Italy or Canada, the important thing is to check the previous points.

For our part, our mission is to have devices with parts available easily and over a long period. Our main business began with appliance repair and this has been passed down from generation to generation and is very much ingrained in our business. We always want to offer the best solution and this at the most reasonable price.

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Roller scrubber (2 in 1) - Johnny Vac - JVC65RBTN - 26" - 2 year warranty