Aspirateurs à rabais also offers machine rentals in the Greater Montreal area.

- Wet and dry commercial vacuum cleaner rental

-Autoscrubber / floor scrubber / zamboni rental

- Mechanical broom rental

- Carpet extractor rental


Whether it's a vacuum cleaner, carpet extractor, autoscrubber, mechanical broom, scrubber, etc.

Do you want to rent high-performance and recent equipment?

Contact us to guide you to the device that meets your needs.

Our rental devices are easy to operate and in the best brands on the market.

Are you doing a short-term contract and looking for an economical solution for floor maintenance? We have the solution for you !

Our team will be happy to explain to you how the rented equipment works, so that you can carry out the work without any worries.

We are available 7 days a week for rentals. In addition, we can carry out the delivery of the devices all at an additional cost if applicable.

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