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Aspirateurs à rebate also offers equipment rental in the Greater Montreal region.

- Commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner rental

- Floor scrubber/scrubber/zamboni rental

- Floor washer rental

- Mechanical broom rental

- Carpet extractor rental

Whether it is a vacuum cleaner, carpet extractor, auto scrubbers, mechanical broom, scrubber dryer, etc.

Do you want to rent high-performance and recent devices?

Contact us to guide you towards the device that meets your needs.

Rental of autoscrubbers

Renting autoscrubbers offers a multitude of benefits for businesses. With this convenient service, you can access high-performance cleaning appliances without incurring the high initial purchase cost. Additionally, maintenance and repairs are managed by the provider, allowing you to focus on your core business. Opting to rent auto scrubbers offers you optimal flexibility, adapted to your cleaning needs, while guaranteeing impeccable floors and increased efficiency in your daily operations. Simplify your housekeeping with the rental of auto scrubbers, an economical and practical solution for a clean and professional environment.

Our rental devices are easy to operate and in the best brands on the market.

Are you doing a short-term contract and looking for an economical solution for floor maintenance? We have the solution for you !

Our team will be happy to explain to you how the rented equipment works, so that you can carry out the work without any worries.

We are available 7 days a week for rentals. In addition, we can carry out the delivery of the devices all at an additional cost if applicable.

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Advantages of renting household appliances from Vacuum Cleaners at Discount:

  1. Substantial savings: Opting to rent household appliances allows you to reduce your initial investment costs, which is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.
  2. Maintenance and support included: With our rental service, we take care of regular maintenance and possible repairs of the equipment, saving you the hassle associated with maintenance.
  3. Flexibility and adaptation: Rent the household appliances you need for the duration that suits you best. Our flexible rental service adapts to your needs while avoiding long-term commitment constraints.
  4. Latest technologies: Take advantage of the latest technological advances in household appliances, by renting high-end equipment that will improve the efficiency of your cleaning operations.