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Maytag® Central Vacuum HEPA Microfilter Bags Designed for MTC169 - Pack of 3 Bags - Maytag FBMTC3

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Maytag® 441MTG HEPA bags trap 99.98% of dust, while also capturing microscopic particles and allergens. Its microfiltration filters a wide range of airborne particles. These bags are compatible with a wide range of central vacuums. Check the list below to see if your device is compatible with 441MTG bags.


  • HEPA
  • Filtration up to 99.98%
  • Capture microscopic particles
  • Capture allergens
  • 3 bags per pack

Designed for

  • MTC169SAP
  • MTC169AP
  • MTC169SP
  • MTC169
  • MTCL179
  • MTCL169