Commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner - Johnny Vac - extra robust - 85 L (22.5 gal) - FLOWMIX technology - 2 motors - electrical outlet - JV420HDM


If you're looking for power, this is the JV420HDM for you! Indeed, this device is equipped with the Flowmix system with which it is possible to convert the parallel mode of the two 700 W motors into series mode, thus increasing the water lift by 60%. You will therefore have more suction power than with any other vacuum cleaner. And that's without forgetting its 22.5 gallon tank, as well as its arched handle which facilitates the movement of this incredible vacuum cleaner and its drain which empties the device in a jiffy!


  • CFM: 235
  • CFM with Flowmix: 123
  • Water Lift: 90"
  • Water lift with the Flowmix: 140"
  • Drain to empty the device
  • Independent front wheels
  • Solid handle on the lid
  • Metal handle to move the device
  • Accessories and hose 38 mm or 1 1/2"
  • Flexible drainage hose


  • corner tool
  • dusting brush
  • Carpet brushes, floor
  • BRJV406S brush for water with rubber blades
  • Two-part metal sleeve
  • Two-piece plastic sleeve
  • Hose ends
  • 8' vacuum hose
  • 2 year warranty

Technical characteristics

Title Description
Engines 2 x 700W
Ability 22.5 gal / 85 L
PCM 215
PCM with Flowmix 123
water lift 90"
Water lift with Flowmix 140"
Tank Plastic
Bag 420H