Cordless Stick Vacuum - Johnny Vac JV252 Supercharged - 2 speeds

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Description :

Designed for daily cleaning of the whole house thanks to its powerful and silent brush for all types of floors. Rechargeable, it offers you up to 25 minutes of autonomy. Easy to handle, the JV252 is ideal for people with pets.

With a simple click the JV252 turns into a handheld vacuum cleaner for dusting your furniture, sofas and even your car. It will clean both at height and at ground level! Equipped with a wall-mounted charging station, you only need to leave the vacuum cleaner on this station when you are not using your device, so you will always have a fully charged vacuum cleaner when you need it.

Johnny Vac JV252 - Head

Johnny vac JV252 cordless vacuum cleaner features:

  • 25.2 V BLDC motor with high performance and durability
  • 2-stage cruise control
  • 0.6L dust tank capacity
  • Autonomy of 25 minutes
  • Cordless, bagless and very light
  • Great portability
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Versatile and can be used anywhere
  • Easy to maneuver around furniture
  • Easy to empty dust container
  • Swivel foot
  • Cyclonic filter
  • LED lighting on the electric broom
  • 1 year warranty

Weight and measure:


125cm (49")


23cm (9")


25cm (10")


2 kg (5.4 lbs)

On shipment


76cm (30")


14cm (5.5")


32cm (12.5")


4.4 kg (9.7 lbs)

Technical characteristics of the vacuum cleaner:

Title Description
Battery Type 25.2V Li-Ion
Dust tank capacity 0.6L
Average autonomy 25 minutes
Autonomy in "Supercharged" mode 10 minutes
Loading time 3 hours
Cyclonic suction Yes
Charger-adapter 100-240V 50Hz
Filtration Micro-HEPA filtration

Associated document

Johnny Vac JV252 English User Guide PDF Version

JV252 - User Guide PDF version

How to use the 3 in 1 tool

Instructions for the 3-in-one, step 1

1. Remove the furniture brush to use the corner tool
Instructions for the 3-in-one, step 2

2. Tap and swipe forward
Instructions for the 3-in-one, step 3

3. The dusting brush is ready to use