Central vacuum cleaner - Future Vac - 600 Watts-air - Made in Quebec

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Central Vacuum Descriptions:

Compact and powerful, the Future Vac central vacuum is made in Quebec , with steel and aluminum from here. Silent and durable European mechanics are at the heart of the device, which gives it a power of 600 Watts-Air (Airwatts) . Compact and at the same time surprising with a capacity of 17L , you will have to change the bags less often and thus benefit from considerable savings. Emitting only 56 decibels , it is one of the quietest central vacuums in its class. The sound quality is in fact thanks to the soundproofing present in the device which are at the same time certified lead-free , because it is important that the used air of the device is not contaminated.

Future Vac FV600C Device Bags: 395H

Features of the vacuum cleaner:

Title Description
Watts-air 600
Amperage 12A
Tank capacity 4.5 gal (17 L)
C.F.M. 133 CFM
Sealed Suction (Water Lift) 112"
Dimensions (height / diameter) 20" (51cm) / 12" (30.5cm)
Type of filtration CARTRIDGE FILTER
bag type HEPA (395H)
Engine Thru-Flow 2 fans
Noise level 56dB
Voltage 120V
Guarantee 10 years residential use only